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In Solidarity with the Young Prisoners of Conscience in Syria



Husam 'Ali Mulhim, 22: a student in the Faculty of Law at Damascus University

Tareq al-Ghorani, 21: an associate engineer

Maher Isber Ibrahim, 26: owner of a shop

Ayham Saqr, aged 30: works in a beauty salon

'Allam Fakhour, 29: a student in the sculpture section of the Art Faculty of Damascus University

'Omar 'Ali al-'Abdullah, 21: a second-year philosophy student at Damascus University

Diab Siriyeh, 21: a part-time student


These people have been detained for more than a year for participating in a peaceful democratic youth movement.


They are still being held in incommunicado detention, and have reportedly been subjected to torture. They are facing an unfair trial before the Supreme State Security Court (SSSC). Their next hearing session will be on 17 June, when the verdict is expected.


They face two charges: "taking action or making a written statement or speech which could endanger the State or harm its relationship with a foreign country, or expose it to the risk of hostile action" (Article 278 of the Syrian Penal Code, which carries a maximum sentence of 15 years’ imprisonment); and "broadcasting of false news" deemed to be harmful to the state (Article 287, which carries a maximum sentence of three years’ imprisonment


Amnesty International and other local and international human rights organizations consider them to be prisoners of conscience.


The Syrian, Arabic and international NGOs who signed this statement stand in solidarity with these seven youth and call for their immediate release because they are  prisoners of conscience detained solely for exercising their right to peaceful expression of their beliefs and participation in public life.



1-      Syria Civil Society Revival Committees

2-      Damascus Center for Human Rights Studied

3-      Arab Commission  for Human Rights- ACHR (France)

4-      Damascus Center for Theoretical and Civil Rights Studies – DCTCRS (Sweden)

5-      Al-Karama for the Defense of Human Rights (Geneva)

6-      International Justice Organization.

7-      Sada Website for Rights and Freedoms

8-      Kurdish Organizations in Syria for Human Rights – MAF

9-      Kurdish Organization for Defense Human Rights and fundamental Freedoms in Syria –DAD

10-  Iraqi Human Rights Organization – British & Ireland

11-  Syrian Observatory for Human Rights – London

12-  Syrian Center for Legal Studies and Researches

13-  Syrian Committee for Human Rights – London

14-  Al-Awn Egyptian Association for Human Rights

15-  Arabic Institute for Support Civil Society and Human Rights (Egypt)

16-  Kurdish Committee for Human Rights

17-  Syrian Organization for Human Rights – Sawasia

18-  Movement SOLID

19-  Syrian Youth for Justice

20-  American Islamic Congress

21-  Susanne Kjaer, Project Manager, International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims (IRCT), Denmark

22-  Al-Bahrain Youth Association for Human Rights

23-  Al-Takamul Arabic Youth net

24-  Andalus Institute for Tolerance and Anti-Violence Studies (Egypt)




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