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Protecting the economic and social rights of the media figures in Tunisia


The Arab Commission for Human Rights (ACHR) watches the conditions of the journalists and media figures in Tunisia and condemned that they face harassments, arrests (journalist Saleem Bukhadeer is still jailed), denying their right of travel, and restriction of the non-governmental press. The ACHR consolidates with the demands of the striking journalists or those experiencing house arrest.


Since the ACHR watches the movements of the media personnel in the independent and governmental agencies regarding their economic and social conditions, it has received a message from 113 press photographers, directors, technicians, and labors at the Tunisian radio and televising agency describing the hard economic and social conditions they face in Tunisia. Despite this group is not included in the political and cultural programmatic formation of the media, they call for the settlement of their conditions according to supporting and independency. The message contains the issue of social insurance system for they lack the very basic rights despite working for the agency for 10 years.

Employees of the media field have complained for the labor union, ministry of information, prime ministry, supreme authority for human rights, and even the president of the republic; however they found no solution or positive reaction towards their demands.

Since the ACHR sees the professional proficiency as the basis for dealing with the media figures, it calls upon all organizations involved in protecting journalists and the Arab and international human rights associations to swiftly move towards protecting the economic and social rights of the Tunisian media personnel; especially those who are not permanently appointed or lacking basic social insurance.

Paris, June 1st 2008

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