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اللجنة العربية لحقوق الإنسان


The Commission expresses to its human rights organizations signed through  this statement of protest against the arbitrary detention of the Secretary General of the Islamic National Accord, and secretary-general of the Council of Christian- Islamic relations professor Zuhair Abdul Hadi AlMahmeed, that is because of the violation of Human rights by the Kuwaiti Authorities in Kuwait who barged into his home where his female family members were cohabiting without presenting the warrant issued by the public prosecution on 15/08/2015. He was then violently arrested and threatened during investigation in order to extract confessions by force, and brutal physical torture which was in impact of denying the charges alleged against him in the case 2015/55, where he lost consciousness and powers twice because of the torture and then was transferred to the military hospital for treatment and back to the torture again. He was also prevented of his rights to have an attorney during the investigation as his lawyers were not allowed to meet him during investigations before the Public Prosecutor's Office for the entire duration of the investigation, despite of his insistence and repeated requests in exercise of his legal rights. In addition to the same his family was prevented from visiting him throughout the period of the investigation,  till he was transferred to the central prison, despite of his severe health conditions, in spite of his injuries, heart condition, high cholesterol, hypertension and disease of arteries and inflammation of the bones, and he was placed in solitary confinement in deprivation of light from the beginning of his imprisonment.

The secretary general of the Islamic National Accord Movement has suffered immense torture and degrading treatment beyond his personal dignity, at a time when all the citizens know of what his contribution to the cultural and scientific aspects related to the well being of the State of Kuwait. He contributed through many conferences and researches published locally and internationally for the benefit of humanity. The annual conference of the Islamic National Accord Movement which was scheduled to be held on the 28-29/12/2015 in the State of Kuwait under the title of "A brother in religion, or an equal human being in life" but the conference was postponed in solidarity with the Secretary-General .

We human rights associations, appeal to all Kuwaiti authorities for the release of the Secretary General as well as for all the other suspects arrested in connection with this issue. We request to stop the torture, coercion, and ill-treatment immediately to which they are exposed in the realization of constitutional justice and the rule of law and respect for basic principle that "an accused person is presumed innocent until proven guilty". We stress on the need of re consider  the facts and conduct an immediate fair investigation.

We also hope that the Kuwaiti Judiciary redresses the suspect’s rights. Also we stress on the need for the authorities to verify the circumstances of torturing the suspects and all those responsible for participating in the torture to be brought to trial. As torture is considered to be a crime which is punishable according to Kuwaiti laws. Also such torture is contrary to the most basic rules of human rights as they are acts of inhuman and degrading treatment contrary to all values of humanity and civilization and religious. We demand the immediate actions otherwise we will be forced to submit an urgent complaint against the State of Kuwait with the arbitrary detention and torture committee of the United Nations.

We demand the authorities to allow lawyers to visit their clients in private, as well as to permit the family members to visit them. Also we demand the authorities to provide all the medical  facilities to the suspects to disclose their health conditions and administer necessary health care and follow-up to their situations.

Tunisia  09/14/2015


Signatory organizations:

1. Arab commission for human rights /Paris

2. Amman center for studies of human rights

3. Civil Coalition for Peace and protection of rights and freedoms (Yemen

4. A safety net for rehabilitation and Defense of Human Rights (Lebanon

5. Legal status of rights and development (Yemen

6. The environment and social development center, Syria

7. Arab Alliance Against Death Penalty

8. The legal foundation (Yemen

9. the Amman forum Human Rights

10. Its founder JUSTICE HUMAN RIGHTS/Yemen

11. Lawyers without Borders organization  (Yemen

12. The balance of human rights development, Iraq

13. The organization of 27 April of rights and freedoms (Yemen

14. Jordanian Network Against Death Penalty

15. Islamic group for peace, Iraq

16. Aid Association Human Rights/Yemen

17. The Yemen to defend the democratic rights and freedoms

18. Arab human rights trainers network

19. The Center Damascus theoretical studies civil rights

20. The Assembly upgrade Mauritanian right

21. The Tunisian Prisoners Rehabilitation

22. Tunisian Association of Democratic Women

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