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Appeal to Stop IOF Holocaust in Gaza - Violette Daguerre


When this statement is released, the death toll of massacres committed by IOF in Gaza will reach more than 350 with the number of injured five times more than this. The deaths and injuries are on the rise while premeditated sabotage and systematic destruction are maintained through striking the infrastructure including mosques, the university and houses, targeting all civilians including children, pupils, the elderly, women and even medics who try to give a helping hand to the injured. These strikes target everything moving on earth and any one inside tunnels and hideouts. This escalation comes after months-long air, sea and land blockade that included denying any medical and food aid and denying observers and supporters access to Gaza Strip. Though more flagrant, this is a reminiscent of what was committed in previous massacres in Palestine and what Iraq faced after a long and bitter blockade and several other incidents with which the Arab-Israeli conflict has been dotted.

What happens in front of the whole world is a flagrant violation- in the full sense of the word- to the humanitarian law according to Geneva Agreements, including this collective punishment against residential regions and unarmed civilians, and including police elements labeled as civilian personnel by international law. What happen are a premeditated war crime and genocide? They claim that they commit this in response to missiles fired from Gaza- according to Western media and conniving Arabs-, ignoring the fact that this response is not in proportion to these missiles and that there is no imminent risk on the security of Israelis from these missile fires. The real danger comes from those committing these crimes under pretext of responding to missile fires. The Hebrew State has already committed everything to expand its aggressions, swallow lands, set up settlement posts, ignore peace initiatives which are based on accepting the minimum Palestinian rights, depending on the conniving of some governments that supply Israel with military equipment and depending on others that take part in tight nun the blockade on Gaza and increasing people's starvation, destruction and piling up patients and injured.

Happening shortly before Israeli elections in which rivals seek to garner as much seats as they can, this unprecedented brutal aggression on Gaza- making use of the inter-Palestinian rift- is still a one more episode of a conspiracy against Palestinian people and lands plus peoples all over the region. The Judaization of Jerusalem is taking place day and night to get rid of Arabs inside it and to turn it into an entirely Israeli capital, while Israeli Arabs in occupied Palestinian territories face systematic plans to crush their resistance and to regularly liquidate them so as not to pose any source of worry for Zionist settlers (This appeal is to be followed by two reports in which I shed light on the situations on the ground after a tour I have just finished). As for the Palestinians in the West Bank, they face all violations against their rights. Their lands are usurped in a way that deals a deathblow to the two-state solution and to even a solution of a state that includes Palestinians. Meanwhile, the occupation state doesn't allow opening the file of the return of refugees from countries hosting them or even those displaced inside their homeland, while any Jewish moving to the Zionist entity is given a legal status.

Anyone seeking to redeem himself from the blood of martyrs should realize that peoples know the truth and should realize also that history gives more chances and more time but it does not forget. The time to hold criminals accountable is near, including those who cover up these crimes with groundless justifications or connive with committers of these crimes for fear of their tyranny. Also, the option of a civil disobedience is justified to restore the missing dignity and violated rights. As for those calling now for stopping aggression and standing shoulder-to-shoulder to confront the holocaust on Gaza residents, they- knowing months ago about these schemes to level Gaza City and knowing the pre-meditated intentions to sallow Palestinian territories and displace real owners of the lands- should have worked before this crisis for an intra-Palestinian reconciliation and for holding a national dialogue and reaching a national accord document, and they shouldn’t have caused schism among citizens of the same people who face destruction.

The satanic saying of "Whoever is not with us, is against us" has grown in leaps and bounds, reminding us of many previous situations, making the state of terror try to justify the rule of "the crime of killing one person is not forgiven while killing a while nation can be tolerated". This reflects an ill mentality and a psychological state that dominates over wide societal sections in this attacking entity, especially among those in power who seek to attain posts through shedding blood of the innocent victims. What is worse is that they don't only fully blame their victims for the crimes they commit, clearing themselves of any personal responsibility; they even depend on parties from among these victims themselves to justify their beastly aggressive plans and use them as a justification to commit their atrocities.

After hearing and seeing all these continuous massacres against the Palestinian people, the conspirators who preach peace should stop playing the role which dooms them and they should never believe the big lie that will doom Palestine in stages and lead to dominating the fate and wealth’s of besieged people whose majority were displaced and driven out of their lands. They should stop thrusting a wedge among compatriots under ideological pretexts lest the edifice collapses from inside, resistance stops and the lands get fully under control of occupiers. However, these resisters who make history with their blood and tears are still facing attempts to eradicate them and refuse to be displaced again from their homeland.

Towards this inhumane and illegal situation in the full meaning of the word, what’s required is a wake-up call for the sleeping conscience before it is too late. Plus armed resistance, there are many means to reject bargaining on rights and to resist the occupation, including main and necessary forms of civil disobedience like using mind, workplace, science, word, money, media and lobbies to have an effect on the Western deceived public opinion. Don’t remain silent towards what is committed against the Palestinian people. It is a collective responsibility towards these crimes that the Zionist entity commits in Palestine, particularly in Gaza. Public moves are required, not only to give vent to the feelings of grief and injustice, but to raise the morals of the victims to empower them to continue their resistance to change the situation on the ground and to practice pressure on conniving governments so that they change their attitudes.

Forms of offering support- they are many- include also raising money- even if from feast allowances and unnecessary items- and other physical donations like medication, food and all means of subsistence, sending mobile dispensaries, volunteering doctors, and sending humanitarian corridors by sea, land and air to aid the victims. Efforts should be exerted on level of audio and visual media and prints to expose these crimes and fight the plans of the mass media and satellite channels to turn the victim to an offender, give a different image and ease the tragedy. Taking part in the aggression is not only through offering weapons but also through attempting to justify and cover up the atrocities of the military machine, a reminder of what happened in Lebanon, Iraq and other flashpoints.

We should also document these crimes as much as we can so that one day the criminals can be held accountable for their crimes. Also, a UN fact-finding committee should be established to investigate into the war crimes and the crimes against humanity. Also, the International Criminal Court prosecutor should initiate proprio motu investigation if he is actually abiding by the code of ethics of his position. Also, the UN Human Rights Council should follow up the issue in a special emergency session to expose and make public what the Israeli occupation army is committing. Also urgent is putting the Palestinians under international protection because the scheme is still going on and may continue. We should also realize that an action triggers a reaction and violence triggers a counter violence specially that the resistance right is one of the main human rights, given that Israel only understands the language of force, see for example its repeated past experiences in Lebanon.

We should follow-up the situation and mobilize efforts to confront the crime and change rules of the game still imposed by the aggressor on victims and on the world as a whole. Due to the fact that all peoples of the region are targeted, not only the Palestinians or the 1 1/2 million Gaza victims, Arab regimes should- at least- impose political and economic sanctions on this entity which is heavily aided by West to deter the aggressor and to prevent tit from maintaining its aggression. This includes severing diplomatic relations with it.

Seeing with grief the silence of Western circles about the grave crimes committed against the Palestinian people, and conniving of many Arab governments with the systematic demolishing of Gaza Strip, the Arab Commission for Human Rights calls on all credited civil society organizations to take part in supporting the Palestinian people in the genocide committed by Israeli occupation forces. It also declares joining all human rights covenants and other initiatives in Arab and Western worlds and the United Nations institutions to hold criminals accountable.

Dr. Violette Daguerre


Paris on Dec, 29th, 2008